Saturday, June 6, 2015

Week #40 in Panama!

So last week was a good week for us. D. and her daughters had
their baptismal interviews and did wonderfully. Our DL actually told
us that of all of the interviews that hes done, hes never interviewed
someone so prepared. The Lord has been preparing them for such a long
time! So that night we also contacted everyone we needed to contact in
Panama to get the baptism all planned out. We called her daughter, the
one who is a member and is sealed in the temple to our branch
presidents son, and she and her brother both talked to us and bore
powerful and tearful testimonies to us as we were on the phone with
them. They talked about the many years of faithful and hopeful prayers
that one day her mom would accept the gospel and the joy they feel
that that day has finally come. They were on speaker and D. cried
as she listened to them. It was amazing and a moment that I will never
forget. So the next day, D. and the girlas all headed off to
Panama and now are just waiting for us to get there this Saturday and
we will have their baptisms. Its going to be an amazing day, we cant
wait for it to get here. The elders from her daughters ward in panama
are going to visit them this week, too, so that they can still have
contact with missionaries. Its going to be so great. I cant even
express how happy and grateful I am to the Lord for having blessed me
to be a part of this experience with them. I love them so much and am
so happy that they have chosen to follow the Saviors example by being

So now we are just continuing to find more investigators this week for
when my new comp and I get back to the island next weekend. Im (sending)
my comp (home) for the second time in the mission, which is a stange
experience honestly haha. Knowing that she will be in her house in
florida next week is crazy. Shes ready though and has served an
incredible mission. This should be my last time (sending) someone though
because after this next change thats coming Im pretty (sure) H.,
P. and I are the next hermanas to go home so all of my comps from
here on out will probably have less time on the mission than me.
Insane. Its also because there was a good while before our group came
to panama when no hermanas came to the mission. My mission is going so
fast. I cant believe it most days.

So when we got to church yesterday we found out about Elder L. Tom
Perry. That made me so sad! He lived an amazing and long life though!
Did you guys find out right away?

Also, this morning we went to the river to pick mangos and explore
with some members. Its where they go to get all of their food. And
also to bury people who have passed away. Its like a giant cemetery.
It was pretty cool. Lots of fun for sure.

I hope you all have an amazing week this week! I love and miss you all tons!

Herm. Anderson