Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Week #53 in Panama!


So we have come to changes week again. I cant believe it. This change went really fast. Too fast. It all just keeps blowing past! I only have 2 and a half left. Its freaking me out. Haha. But Im coping...for now. =) Would love any advice from returned missionaries on how to deal with getting close to the end! Its a scary thing! I choose to pretend that its not happening most of the time. =D

Anywayyy. I dont have much to write. We ran through a flood to get here. Water up to our knees almost haha. The rainy season has begun! Its great though because its started to cool off a little bit, especially at night. Its nice. 

We have been really busy this past week. We were talking last night how we feel like its ALWAYS Sunday night now. We dont know where the weeks go. Right now we are working a lot with part member families because we really feel like thats where we are going to have success. Our focus right now is helping families get to the temple, and we feel like a really good place to start is with the part member families. So thats where we are right now. 

Im sorry that I dont have much to write about. As far as changes go, my comp and I are really hoping to have another change together! We dont feel like our work together is finished just yet. She only has three changes here, too, so we are expecting to have another change together. We have leadership council (I think thats what consejos would be in english) again this Friday, so Im really excited about that. I like consejos a lot. It really helps reanimate me and it helps us put goals for the zone. Its even better that they are happening at the beginning of the change because we are going to be able to start out strong. We have them every first week of the month. They are the best. 

Side note. General Conference is in 1 MONTH! Get exciting everybody! I am! =)

I hope you all have a great week! Love and miss you lots!
Hna Anderson