Saturday, August 9, 2014

MTC P-Day #4

Well heyyyyy!! ... I'm already in Alma 40 in the Book of Mormon!! I should definitely have it finished by the time I leave here if I'm able to keep this up. Which I will because I'm determined to finish it. I'm learning SOOO much and my testimony of it is growing so so much. The Book of Mormon is SO true!! It's the true Word of God and I love it so much. Read it!! We read Ether 12 last night in class together and we couldn't even get through half of it because we all had so many promptings of things to say. But I think that's partially because of other things that happened over the last few days to a couple of our Elders. It was so great though, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me start with the end of last week (I bring my journal to e-mailing to help me remember what I did over the last week haha).

I don't know if I told you this last week, but we decided that West Campus is WHERE IT'S AT. It's like BYU-I compared to BYU (which is Main campus in this analogy haha). The spirit is just different and it's just more close knit. We love it and wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Last week was a little interesting because it seemed that our teachers were chastising us like every time we had class. Probably because we deserved it haha. We all have a lot of fun together, which sometimes distracts us from the Lord's work, but we've gotten so much better since those talks from our teachers about knowing the right time and place for fun haha. We love our teachers soo much!! They know the perfect balance between love and structure in the classroom. If that makes sense. It's just perfect and we really couldn't have asked for better teachers. 

Last Sunday was good, as always, but it was Fast Sunday (one down!), so our schedule was a little different so we all kinda felt a little off all day. But it was still great. One of our Elders was being really quiet and sad, which if you knew him that is completely abnormal. He's also the kind of kid that when he's feeling off, the entire district is feeling off. Also, the strange thing that happens (but good thing) in the mission is that your job is to constantly analyze the people around you and make sure they're doing okay. So we're all hyper-sensitive to any abnormal moods of anyone in our district. We all were worried about him all day because he didn't really open up about anything to anyone, but it ended up being a really uplifting Sabbath regardless. 

Monday was also weird because again this same Elder was having a tough time so we were all kinda down and just feeling weird. Like I said, you become hyper-sensitive to the feelings of others when you get on the mission! At least we all have. But he ended up going to go talk to someone in the branch council and when he got back he told us everything was great and he was back to his normal self, so we were all grateful for that. So get this. We do TRC (Teaching Resource Center, I think?) every Monday night, which is where we teach a member of the church. Like they aren't acting like an investigator or anything, they're just themselves. It's still in Spanish, which is great practice, but every time we do it, we feel like they end up teaching us more than we teach them, which we personally LOVE. :) So this past Monday was our first time doing Skype for TRC and we were told they'd be from somewhere out of the country or something ridiculous like that. Well the lady we taught was from, wait for it, SURPRISE, AZ. Haha what are the odds of that? And guess what else. She's in Willow Canyon Ward! Isn't that your ward Whit and Gun? I wrote her name down but I left it at home so I'm trying to remember it. It's Maria and Oscar for sure but I can't remember their last name. ... I don't know. But I told her about you guys and you should find her! She'll tell you all about how bad my Spanish is haha. I thought that was so crazy though. 

Now we come to Tuesday. It was a really good and normal day until Tuesday night. We have Devo on Tuesday nights, and this particular Devo was about temples and why missionaries go to the temple before they go on their missions. I loved it. I love the temple. We went this morning. I can't get over my love for that place! Anyway, pardon my side track. After Tuesday Devo, we go back to the classroom for Devo review with a member of the Branch Presidency. Basically we just spend the time going over how we felt about the Devo. Kinda like a testimony meeting. Well this week we had our Branch President come to ours and he's a little bit of a talker haha so we were all prepared to just listen, because he really does have great thoughts. He's pretty interesting to listen to. Apparently, though, someone told him to stop taking over meetings (probably his wife haha) so he opened it up to us to share our testimonies.


Hopefully we'll have a fairly normal week this coming week since the last two have been a little crazy! I definitely know why I'm here in Provo though, and it's because I needed to be here with this district. We have been able to help each other through soo much and I KNOW that the Lord wanted us to be together during our CCM stay for that reason.


TOMORROW WE ARE SUPPOSED TO GET OUR TRAVEL PLANS!!! I can't wait!!! We're ten days out now. I've loved my stay here, but I seriously can't wait to get to Panama and start teaching REAL investigators!!

Sorry for all the drama this past two letters hahaa, but it is what it is! The life of a missionary is ... so amazing.

I love and miss you all!!! All of you who deareldered me this week, I'll be writing you back very soon, so watch the mail! And Whit, MAIL ME PICTURES OF MY NEPHEWS PLEASE! :)

Hermana Anderson

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