Thursday, November 13, 2014

Week #11 in Panama!

I have a lot to tell this week! First of all, I have a new comp! Her name is Hna C., Shes from Ecuador and she speaks absolutely NO english. My mission just got a whole lot trickier haha. Shes super great though because shes so patient with me and my Spanish. I have to ask her to repeat herself a lot if she talks to quickly for me to catch what she said and shes so good about doing it. Shes super sweet, but shes also super direct. Shes more direct than me even haha. I like it though because shes all business so I think we are going to have a lot of success together. Its a little tougher now, but its soooo good for me because not only am I going to improve so much with my spanish, but I know shes going to teach me so much about patience and the work. Shes really smart. Its going to be a challenge, But I can already tell that its going to be well worth it. 

We can actually communicate pretty well. Better than I thought we would be able to. Im seeing the gift of tounges in action SO much with her. Especially in the lessons. Since Ive already been here for 10 weeks and shes new to the area, Ive had to take the lead quite a bit in the lessons and when we are talking to members because she doesnt know anyone very well yet and doesnt really know their situations yet. Its super interesting listening to myself try and explain things and situations with my very small spanish vocabulary. I sound a bit like I child Im sure, but Im learning. And the important thing is that I CAN do it! Spanish is super cool and Im so blessed to be learning it. I cant wait to learn more and to really master it, no matter how hard it is. Because I know that some day, I WILL know spanish. 

I was a tad trunky on Friday night because of Halloween because you guys know how much I love that holiday! Our dinner got cancelled that night so my comp and I decided to go to McDonalds to celebrate halloween! I hadnt eaten chocolate for over a month because its bad for my skin, but that night I needed a TREAT, so I got myself a hersheys kisses mcflurry =) it was delicious and so worth it! It was a pretty good halloween for the mission haha. I enjoyed it.

We cant seem to get our investigators to understand that they have to come to church to get baptized haha. We had four people accept fechas this week, but two of them already fell because they didnt come to church. So we are going to try and explain that again haha. Panamanians are so great. I love them and their quirky ways. One of the members in our ward who we went to the temple with last change to help her understand sealing and feel more comfortable in the temple told us this week and she wants to get sealed in January!! Im so happy about that and am really hope it happens. Thats such a big step for her. Her husband is ready, but she just wants to be sure so we are helping with that.

This work is so cool and the results are like nothing else. The mission isnt easy, but no one ever said it would be. Its teaching me so much and I wouldnt trade it for anything. I love you all and miss you all so much!!!!

Hna Anderson

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