Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week #13 in Panama!


Okay so I have quite a bit to write about today. First of all, some members here are going to cook us Thanksgiving dinner for next week!! Im really excited about that because Im a little nervous for how Ill feel on the holidays. Itll really help to do something special for them. Im going to make a libbys pumpkin pie and bring it because they dont eat pumpkin anything here haha I bet theyll hate it, but thats okay more for me! Also funny thing, they have black friday here too. They actually call it black friday, in english and everything. I know our ZLs wanted to ask president if we could move our P day next week to friday so we could go to Panama and shop but I have a feeling theres not a very good chance thatll happen haha. Mom I hope you and Whit are planning on going and shopping!! Black friday is the greatest. 

So let me tell you a little about whats been happening in the work this week. We have been leaving a lot with Hna G., the recent convert who just got sealed to her family a few weeks ago and she has introduced us to sooo many of her friends and theyre so positive!! We have had some really awesome lessons this week. One of them was with A., who visited with the missionaries before but nothing ever came from it. We visited her twice this past week and yesterday she came to church with Hna G.!! So that was awesome. M. also came yesterday so his fecha is still good for December 6th! We just have to get him off coffee haha but we taught him the Word of Wisdom this past week, too, and he seemed really receptive to it. Hes receptive to everything, really, hes just so prepared. We are really excited about him and A. both. We are anxious to see what happens the next three weeks of this change! 

So Thursday and Friday we were having lots of trouble with the water and power in the city. Both kept going out. For a while, most of Friday, we were without power AND water. We were out working so we didnt know it until we went to a members house late in the afternoon and they told us. I knew something was different because EVERYONE was outside hanging out. I loved it. I told my comp how the power going out is the greatest because everyone is forced to spend time together because theres no tv or internet hahaa. Its so true. I told her the story, as best I could in Spanish, about the ice storm that took the power out for so long and how we hung out talking in the living room by candle light for most of the night. I have some awesome memories with the family when the power was out! So we had a noche de hogar that night and when we got there the power was still out, but I had ran home and got my flashlight so we were able to see with that. My comp had been asking me before what we were going to teach if there was no power and I remembered that I just read a story in a liahona about a little boy asking his parents if they could have FHE (family home evening) in the dark and they did and used a flashlight to teach a lesson on the light that the gospel brings into our lives. So we taught that same lesson and I think it went pretty well. It was fun. I dont mind when the power is out, but Im not a big fan of showering with bottled water when the water is out!

Ive learned a little about cutting and cooking with raw vegetables this past week. I always used canned at home, so I had to learn. I thought I knew how to cook a little until I came hear and tried to help them cook latino food and looked like I had never cooked a single thing in my life haha. But Im learning!

I made banana bread for a baptism the elders had on Saturday!! It turned out weird, I thought, but everyone loved it. I think only because its something different haha. It was fun to bake something again though. I miss that!!

Okay well thats about it for this week. Its been a full one! Im excited to see what this next week brings. I love and miss you all lots!!! Enjoy Nana and Papa for these next couple of weeks!!

Hna Anderson

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