Thursday, November 13, 2014

Week #12 in Panama!

Hola mis amores!!

Soooo the first thing Im going to share is something that I realized last monday but forgot to tell you all. So Last monday was my first p-day with my comp and when we were doing laundry she told me my soap isnt good for cleaning, it only makes my clothes smell good. So I got a little frustrated and was like nooo Ive been using this for ten weeks and my clothes have been clean. Come to find out, she was right. Id been using fabric softener to clean my clothes the entire time Id been in Panama. How embarrassing and how gross right? My clothes never smelled bad, so I think it still cleaned them but obviously not as well as actual laundry detergent haha. I couldnt read the label, it was in spanish. Ahhh my little confusing spanish life. =)

Ohhh I wanted to tell Corson that I downloaded that talk and put it on my mp3 and have listened to it many times this past week. Its SUPER good. I love it. Hes funny. Im learning a lot every time I listen to it.

So this week I squeezed lemons, a lot of lemons, to make real lemonade. It was lots of fun. Ill send pictures. I did it with the grandkids of our mama sanchez. People here always serve us real lemonade but this was the first time I helped make it. So many things Im learning to make for you guys when I get home!

So we are still working a lot with M. and M. They're so awesome and love learning about the gospel. They had to go to Bocas for a funeral this past weekend and we taught them a couple of hours before they had to leave and we left them the word of wisdom folleto to read before our next lesson and manuel was like Okay Im going to go put this in my bag right now so I can read it on the bus to bocas! Hes the greatest. We have really high hopes for them. Just gotta help them understand the sabbath and the importance of attending church, but theyll get there!

So my comp woke up super sick on Wednesday and we had to go to Colon to the emergency doctor place. She had an infection in her throat. Super rough. We stayed home wednesday thursday and friday, doctors orders. It was good because she got better, but needless to say I was a little antsy by day three. I was a much happier camper on Saturday when we got to go out and teach! Haha I learned that teaching is what brings me the most happiness and peace here.

I had my first interview with the president yesterday since my first day in Panama. Hes so great!! And I really enjoyed getting to know him a little better. We are so blessed to have such a fantastic president!

Okayy well thats about it for this week! Looking forward to the coming week! Love and miss you all lots!!

Hna Anderson

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