Saturday, December 20, 2014

Week #15 in Panama!

I dont have much time left, but Ill write a quick gen email.

So Tuesday was fun because we have consejos in Panama at 5 so we got to go and see everyone and I saw Hna J.!! Shes the best. I actually just saw her again a few minutes ago because we are in Panama again today. And we will be back again on Saturday for the mission christmas party, which Im really excited about! So that was Tuesday. It was also an extra awesome day because I got my GIGANTIC package. Everyone was freaking out about how big it was and telling me that my family LOVES me. I just said I know hahaa. It was awesome. We got home super late that night, but the next day I had my comp open it to get the decorations out and I decorated!!! Ill send pics! Thanks so much for the package and the decorations!!! I LOVE my tree and the cards and the santas and the balloons. I love it all. Tell gunnar I understood ALL of his little card to me, which made me feel good about my spanish haha. Thank you all for the other cards, too! Im so excited for Christmas eve to be able to see what else is in the big ol box. Everyone thinks Im crazy for waiting, but I know itll be soo worth it and itll make that night a little easier I think. 

Sooo skip to thursday. I wasnt really sad because I prayed A LOT not to be. And like corson said, its a lot easier when you just work work work and not think to much. And thats what we did. And then we went to The chirus for dinner and the made us a thanksgiving dinner!! It was sooo good and I was so happy! I didnt get to make my pumpkin pie, but we had apple pie which was good too. Ill send pics. They are the BEST. It definitely made the holiday a lot better. And I told them how I knew you guys were in the stores at that time and they thought that was so funny.

Thats about the jist of my week. Ill send pics now. I hope you all had an awesome thanksgiving!! Love and miss you all!!!

Hermana Anderson

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