Saturday, December 20, 2014

Week #16 in Panama!


One of the crazy elders put that thing above because hes waiting for me to get done so he can write. Silly Mexican. I dont know what it means. Anyway. I had a pretty cool week this week. First of all, Im sorry that I dont send many updates about the work. There isnt a whole lot to tell because right now we are working with a lot of investigators, but none of them are coming to church, so we dont have any progessing. But we have faith that eventually they will!

So this week was pretty normal, just the same old stuff of contacting and teaching lessons. This email probably wont be very long, but I will try and share what I can remember. Ive been super bad about remembering to check my journal before I come here. PS!!! After this I get to see HNA P.!!!! Her comp is dying (going home) this week and Colon was her favorite area so Theyre here today visiting and we are going to see them after this!! Im SOO EXCITED!

Anywho. The week was normal as far as the work goes. Worked hard, No one came to church. Sad day, but going to keep praying and working hard! BUT on Saturday, we had our Chirstmas conference for the mission which was super cool. We all went to Panama and went to an orphanage to play with the kids there. It was sad but it was cool that we were able to help them feel the Christmas spirit. We also watched Ephraims rescue. It was AWESOME! Ive never seen it. You all should watch it. I got to see J. again and almost all of my CCM friends which is always fun. So that was Saturday.

Yesterday we got to watch the Christmas Devo in English! That was pretty awesome. However, I could feel myself holding back from thinking about it too much to keep from getting trunky haha. I do that a lot right now with Christmas coming. Also, we were at the stake center with the whole stake watching it, everyone else in Spanish obviously, and we had an investigator show up totally unexpected! It was awesome, and really showed us that Heavenly Father gives us tender mercies.

So those were the highlights of my week. We find out changes tomorrow and Ill let you know next week what happens!! Im nervous because I really have no idea what is going to happen. Please pray today that the president will be inspired to make the decisions that the Lord would have him make!! Love and miss you all soo much!!! Have an Awesome birthday mama and Brenny! I love you lots!!!

Hermana Anderson

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