Saturday, December 20, 2014

Week #17 in Panama!


So I may have used all my time talking back and forth with my missionary brother. Oops. So this email wont be too terribly long. Sorry about that. But not all that sorry because I love talking to my missionary brother  hahaaa. Anyway! Im getting a new comp today. Thats a story and a half. But I am very happy about this surprise change. My new comp is Hna N.? Something like that. Shes ginga latina, which means her parents are latino I think but shes from the states. Which means shes speaks english haha. Which is easier but not so good for my spanish haha. But we are going to set serious goals to keep working at my spanish and speak it as much as we can with each other! I havent met her yet but Ive talked on the phone with her and she seems really great. We are going to meet up in a little while and sleep in Panama tonight and then head back to Colon tomorrow. Im really excited about this change. Also, this is my new comps last change in the mission. She goes home after this change which means I will be in this area for at least one more change following the one we are in right now. Which ends March 18th. Almost half of my mission in one area. Super crazy but I feel good about it. I think its going to be really good. Shoot I have to go because I have to leave like right now, but know that I love you all SOO much and Im sorry that this email is so short and that Im not sending pictures this week! Talk (vie email) to you all on Monday!

Hna Anderson

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