Saturday, January 3, 2015

Week #19 in Panama!

This was the LONGEST week of my mission. For so many reasons. Mostly because it was Christmas week and my leg was nasty. Anyway, I will start at the beginning. On tuesday we had a normal work day and my leg was kinda hurting but not unbearable. Then we got home that night and it started to burn. Like fire in my leg. Then it started to burn in my ankle and I realized the infection, which started in my knee, was moving down my leg. So we called the mission nurses and asked them if we should be concerned about the pain moving down my leg and my leg swelling a ton. They said that we needed to go to the hospital right away and not wait. So I started to get nervous tummy because Ive never gone to the hospital like that for something. and we are in a foreign country. So we had to call the ZLs to go with us because it was super late and we were going to ghetto Colon where the hospital was. But we went and they gave me an IV and a prescription for antibiotics in pill, cream, and butt shot form. So I was good to go. So when we finally got home we had to call the nurses back to let them know what happened and they banned me from working. That was sad. So I wasnt allowed to work for the rest of the week. On Wednesday, we had a zone meeting so we went to that and then went to the rey to buy christmas eve snacks and the lines were terrible and I about died standing there forever and then I understood why they banned me from working haha. So for the rest of that day, we were in the house studying spanish and just trying to pass the time haha. We were supposed to go do the caroling but I couldnt so we just went to the christmas dinner at the members house the night. Then we came home, ate junk, and opened gifts. At midnight the fireworks started and we went outside along with quite a few other people in the neighborhood to watch. Everyone was all feliz navidad feliz navidad! it was fun. Then the next day we skyped! Yay! That was fun. A little tough. but it was cool. It kinda takes you back to that world for a bit, which is hard, but it was good to see and talk to everyone. I wasnt satisfied afterwards though, but everyone tells me all missionaries feel that way after their first call haha. So apparently Im normal. So friday was a blah day. The day after Christmas always seems to be that way. And its even worse in the mission. Still couldnt work. Saturday we spent the whole day in the chapel for an activity for the ward. We helped decorate, we were there for the actual activity, and we helped clean up. So it became an all day thing. It was great though and a lot of people came. Yesterday we got to work!!! So that was great. We had a few really good lessons. And now we are here! So Im ready to begin a new week and I am SOOO excited to 
start 2015. I cannot wait to get out of December. This month has been sooo stinking long. Im ready to move on! So I was talking to my comp this morning and we were talking about her going home in like a month and a half and I was saying how something I imagine will happen when I finally hug my parents after the mission is that I think I will physically just collapse because on the mission you just feel so strained in every way all the time so that moment when it comes to an end will just be like letting out a big breath. I dont know if that makes sense haha but it totally did to my comp. Anyway, thats about all I have for this last week. It was long but it was quite the experience. I hope everyone had a GREAT christmas!!!

Hana Anderson

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