Sunday, January 18, 2015

Week #21 in Panama!

I cant believe its already the 12th! This change is going so stinkin fast. I also think its because we have a TON of investigators and a lot of stuff has happened this change and also because my comp is <completing her mission and going home soon>. There are a few things I wanted to tell you guys about this past week though! It actually went super slow, ironically. It feels like last Monday was a lifetime ago. It wasnt the easiest week of my mission, thats for sure, but I learned so so much.

So lets see. First of all, we had four fechas all last week, which was super awesome. Its the most I've had at one time since Ive been here. Its great. We have like 11 people this week that we are going to ask to accept a fecha, so we are really excited to see what the week has in store. Anyway, of our 4 fechas, only one of them stayed in tact because only one came to church yesterday. But shes GOLDEN! Shes 15 and shes a cousin of one of the members and she is SO prepared!! The first time we taught her was a couple of weeks ago. Her name is M. When we met and taught her for the first time, we were actually there to contact her mom, because her cousin the member gave us the reference for her aunt. If that makes sense. But her mom was not interested haha so we taught a super brief lesson to M. and her older two sisters. The two older sisters were fun, but not super serious about listening to us, but when we asked if we could come back M. spoke up out of nowhere and said yes when are you coming? She is super super prepared. We were a little worried about her not understanding our purpose as missionaries and what it means to be a member of the church. But in our third lesson with her, we taught her alone and we could tell that she totally gets it and is so excited to accept the gospel into her life. She has a fecha for the 31st of this month, and she was the one who came to church yesterday, so shes progressing super well and super quickly! Her mom gave her permission right away, so we are just going to keep teaching her and make sure shes ready by her fecha. We are so excited. We are having a movie night to watch the prince of egypt with her and the other YW this thursday. Its going to be great. 

We have a lot of other really positive people that we are working with right now, too, so we are really feeling things happening and changing in this area. Its amazing. We have found some families, too, which is so great! Im excited to let you know more about them next week once we teach them again. We are going to the temple on Friday!! Yay! So far Ive been able to go at least once with all of my comps, so its been pretty awesome having the temple so close. My comps members from the island she was at before are coming in to do all sorts of different things there on Friday, so we will probably be there for the majority of the day. Perfect. We are actually going up to stay with the Hnas who work in that area on Thursday night after the movie night so we dont have to wake up so early on Friday. Its going to be great. 

Well thats about it for now. I hope you all are happy and doing well!! I love and miss you all TONS!!! 

Hna. Anderson

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