Sunday, January 18, 2015

Week #20 in Panama!

Hello all!

We are officially in 2015. How cool is that? I love it. Im super excited for this year. Its our mission year Corson! One full calendar year that we will have in the mission. And its gonna be a great one. So Im going to send a lot of pictures today since I didnt get to last week and Ive taken a ton these past two weeks. But Ill just give you a brief little update on how things have been going.

My comp is teaching me A LOT. Its really great, even though its hard because sometimes I wonder what the heck Ive been doing for the last six months because theres sooo much that I still dont know haha. But Im working on being patient with myself and just learning as much as I can right now. We worked hard this past week and placed two fechas. One with H., whos the neighbor of the bishop. Hes in his twenties or so and its just him, he doesnt have any family here. Hes soo receptive and we are teaching him tonight again at the bishops house. He came to church yesterday, too, which was great! The other fecha is with a joven named A. Hes 18 and hes super receptive too. We only taught him once, on saturday, but he understood the restoration really well and we are excited to teach him again this week. He didnt come to church, but we know he will come this week! We have some super intense goals for this week. We have a goal to place 19 fechas, or at least ask the question because we cant control how they answer. We can only have faith that they will accept! We have that many investigators who have the potential of being baptized so we have made it our goal this week to teach all of them and attempt to place a fecha with each one. We should be VERY tired by the end of this week, but it will be a really great tired. =) Like after a day at the beach.

Okay the rest I can show you through pictures and tell you a little more about my week that way. I hope you all had an awesome new years and that youve all set some great new years resolutions!

I love and miss you all tons!

Hna Anderson

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