Thursday, February 5, 2015

Week #23 in Panama!

Well we are officially in the last week of the change. Super insane. I dont know how that happened. So my comp will be in her house next week along with Hna J. I remember talking to J. about it being 4 months away and now its next week! The mission goes too dang fast! You really cant afford to waste any of the time you get.

Anyway, this week was a great one. So we didnt get to teach M. all week until Sunday because she wasnt home since all that had been happening with her tia, so when we finally were able to teach her on Saturday my comp and I wanted to talk to her about her baptism and whether or not she felt prepared for it to happen in a week. We asked her and she said yes (because shes so stinkin prepared already by the Lord) and then we made a plan to go teach her every day starting Saturday until the day of her interview which will be Thursday so that we could make sure we taught everything to her clearly and thoroughly. So she will be ready come Saturday at 6pm! Im soo stinkin happy. My first baptism! And shes incredible! So chosen. They announced it in sacrament yesterday, which was super cool. Yesterday, we taught her after church and another one of her tias came in during the lesson and my comp asked her to join us so she did. We were teaching the plan of salvation combined with the law of chastity. It was a great lesson and by the end of it we had a fecha with the tia as well! Its great. So I have to tell you guys this. Theres this little part in our missionary schedule that I havent been very diligent in keeping during my mission. Its the part from 6:30-7:00am when we are supposed to work out. I had convinced myself that it wasnt so much a regla as it is a suggestion haha so I didnt always do it. Mostly never actually. Then we had an AWESOME capacitacion on Wednesday with President and the APs and we talked about the schedule and how every part is important and we should be obedient to ALL of it. So I decided from then on out that I would do everything I could to follow it exactly, including working out. And I did and the difference I have felt since then has been incredible. I feel like Im a lot more in tune to the spirit and I can understand so much more Spanish! My teaching flowed a lot more smoothly, too. My comp starting doing the same thing, following the schedule more exactly and as a companionship we have already seen so many blessings from it. My testimony on obedience has grown SO much this week. Its SO important. 

This change has really changed everything for me. The way I look at things is so much different. I had a dream last night that Corson and I went home just for like a week long visit, because I have those dreams everyone once in a while haha, and I was sitting at the table with Whit and shes like I dont know what to talk to you about because youre so different now. Hahaaa obviously thats a little depressing and wont happen, so dont worry whit. BUT I do feel like Im changing a lot and hopefully all for the better. As I learn more and more about the gospel I just have a stronger and stronger desire to be better. I love it and I know that the Lord still has soo much for me to learn. The gospel of Jesus Christ is SO true and the Lord can and does change hearts!

I love you all so much and I hope you have a fantastic week!

Hna Anderson

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