Thursday, February 5, 2015

Week #24 in Panama!

Hey guys!!
So since Hna J. is leaving along with my comp this week, we are on divisions so J. could come say bye to everyone in Nuevo Mejico. Im super excited to be able to do that with her. It should be a really good day. Im super sad that shes going to be leaving the misión this week though!! But thats how it Works I guess haha. You come you serve you go home. Craziness. Also, Ill be getting a new comp in a couple of days so thats exciting! Still in Colon though, but thats good too. =)
Sooooo Ill share about this awesome baptism weekend we had!! So M. was baptized on Saturday night. It was amazing. The spirit was SO so strong. I couldnt believe it. Ive never felt anything like that before. And then again yesterday when she was confirmed. It was amazing. I cant really write much about it because I cant put it into words, but it was a wonderful experience. That night I was thinking as I was writing in my journal how she was never our convert. She was always the Lords convert because He has prepared her soo much to make this covenant. Its like he just said okay hermanas heres one of my precios daughters who I have prepared, will you baptize her now? For real though, so perfectly prepared. Theres a stake temple trip this saturday and she got her recommend yesterday so she will be going to the temple for the first time!! Super exciting. And this past week when we would teach her she would just tell us that her dream is to go on a misión. We were like WOW! shes only known about the church for a month and she already wants to serve. Shes the best. Ill send pictures!
Nothing can really top that this week, so Ill just leave you all with that. But I love you all and hope you are all doing well!!! Miss you lots!!
Hna Anderson

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