Thursday, February 5, 2015

Week #22 in Panama!

I tell my comp I just want to sleep at least once a day. haha. For so many reasons this change has just been wearing me out! Its good though, because that means Im progressing and the work is going. Lets see. 

So on Thursday we had a movie night planned with the YW and our investigator M. While we were at the members house waiting for the girls to get there, I called M. to see what time she would be getting there and she answered crying saying she couldnt because her aunt died. So we went straight over there and it was super weird because she was really upset but none of her family was acting phased at all or paying much attention to her. Not in a mean way, even though it seemed that way. We found out later that the aunt of R. that M. lives with is her grandma, not her mom like we thought. Her parents actually both died when she was really young. And the side of the family that she lives with isnt the same side as the one that the aunt who died is from. If that makes sense. So we ended up going to her grandmas house, from the aunts family, with her so she wouldnt have to go alone. My comp knew exactly what to do and say to the family when we got there so even though it was a really sad situation, we felt the spirit so strongly and we could tell they did too. It was really good that we were able to go there with her. She didnt come to church yesterday because she was still over there with her family, but she came back last night so we should be able to visit her tomorrow. We now understand a little better why shes soo prepared for the gospel. 

We left for Panama that same night and got to the hermanas house at about 10. We went to the temple the next morning and spent the day up there in Panama afterwards. We went to a baptism of a little girl in the Cardenas ward that night, which is the mission presidents ward. Its bilingual because theres so many gringos in the ward. There was a lot of english being spoken there and it felt like a ward in america. It was super weird for me. haha. I actually didnt like it, probably because it wasnt the Panama Im used to and it was pretty trunky for me. The baptism was great though.

We went to the temple again on Saturday because it was Colons temple day. So two days in the temple last week! It was great. Thats about all I can think of right now. It was a pretty busy week!! I hope you all have a great week this week! I love and miss you tons!!!

Hna Anderson

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