Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Week #25 in Panama!

I have an hija!! Im training a brand new missionary! Her name is Hna M. and shes from Puebla, Mexico. Shes whiter than I am though so everyone thinks shes from the states haha. She doesnt know any english, which Im really loving because I missed speaking Spanish with my comp. Shes super sweet and doesnt even have a month in the mission yet because she was only in the CCM for 15 days. Shes the best and Im really blessed to have her as my hija! I was SOO excited when they told me Id be training because I knew itd be super cool to be doing it at the same time as Corson. Its been quite the transition though going from being comp menor to a comp who was finishing her mission to being comp mayor for the first time to a comp who just entered the mission field. Definitely not easy, but its an awesome learning experience. Im learning a lot of how much I really do know with the languge and the lessons, which makes me really happy. The gift of tounges has also helped A TON this past week, like Ive been able to see a literal difference. And its cool because itll come and go, so I know Im not just speaking or understanding from my own knowledge. So I went and got her on Tuesday and we started working right away on Wednesday and had a pretty good starter week for her. We did have to drop a few investigators, but this week we are really going to search hard for new, prepared and chosen people to teach. We know there are a lot waiting for us, we just have to do our part to find them! So on Saturday we had our monthly stake temple trip and M. was able to go and do baptisms for the first time! It was a really great temple vist for me personally, because I could feel the spirit so strongly and I really did not want to leave. The temple is such a special place. And then when we came outside after spending about 4 hours inside, we came out and found M. sitting alone under a tree on the temple grounds. We walked over to her and she asked if we were coming to sit with her. Of course we were and we found that she had been reading her new triplet she had just bought. She was reading D&C 89 about the word of wisdom. She told us she just didnt want to leave and also that she wants to get started on the work for her parents. It was a really special experience to sit there and share with her. I just love her! We also talked more about her mission. She looked at my comp and she told her shes going to go on a mission in just 4 years and she looks at me and shes like si or no? It was great. When they say that, its kinda like saying isnt that right? We had a really good day that day. The week itself was a little slow because I was a little trunky with J. and N. going home on Thursday. They were both just here a week ago with me and now theyre in the states! Super crazy and super trunky haha but I think the trunkiness has finally passed today haha. I spoke in Sacrament yesterday, for the second time. About missionary work. I think it went okay. Thats about the jist of my week! I love you all lots and hope you all have a fantastic week!! =)
Han. Anderson

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