Sunday, July 5, 2015

Week #41 in Panama!

So much has happened within the past few days. We got to the city on Saturday. Its been kind off strange for me to be here after having been out there for almost three months. It messes with your head a little bit remembering what this life in the city is like hahaa. It'll be good for me to get back to the island I think, Im not ready to be in the city again yet, thats for sure. Anyway, we had our baptisms on Saturday night! It was perfect. D., D., and G. were all baptized and confirmed by President Carmack, and pretty much their entire extended family was there to see it. Hna M., a hermana from the ward there, and I all sung I Stand All Amazed in Kuna. It was pretty cool. D.'s husband also came in from the island to be there for the baptism. He is VERY Baptist, D. wants him to take the discussions so bad. So after the baptism he told us that he's actually already been baptized into the church, when he was little. He had forgotten. That happens a lot on the island. So that was crazy. We are going to look for the records, and double check, but if thats true than this just turned into a reactivation effort. We know that someday, possibly in as soon as one year, they will all enter into the temple and be sealed together. They are all so amazing!

Then yesterday we went to Arraijan to visit M.'s old area and have her say goodbye to everyone out there. It was cool, I really liked the members there and they fed us SO well. It was heavenly. I also really liked going to Spanish church again. We as the missionaries can't really receive a ton of spiritual nourishment from church in Kuna haha. Then last night we went back to C. in the city to stay with the hermanas there and also because M. will be saying goodbye to everyone here, too, since she also served here. We received permission from the APs to write at a members house, too, so Im writing right now from a gringos house and Im writing on a HUGE apple desktop. Its amazing. Such a change to our san blast computer. Im going to get to send pictures, so that'll be great! Expect a lot! 

Tomorrow we find out changes. I am SO nervous because your comp on Blas is so critical. They're literally all you have out there, so Im just hoping and praying that my new comp and I make a good fit! I know that if its difficult, though, its just because the Lord needs me to learn something from it! Changes are nerve-racking!! 

Thats about it for last week. It has been crazy! I love and miss you all and I hope you all have a great week!!

Hna Anderson

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