Sunday, July 5, 2015

Week #43 in Panama!


I hope you all have had an awesome week. Happy Fathers day to all of
the fathers!!! You are all such great dads and Im so grateful to have
you all in my life! I hope it was a great Fathers Day for all of you!

So my first week on Carti Tupile has been a pretty good one. It wasnt
easy saying goodbye to Ustupu and all of the people there that I have
come to love so much, but when we were leaving, I felt good about it
knowing that it was the Lords plan. The night before we left our
neighbors threw me a farewell type thing (in spanish its a despedida)
that was really fun. They all put on their kuna clothes and I put on
mine and we took pictures. Then we played games and ate patacones. It
was great. So Kunas like to wear pure gold. Its like the only jewerly
they wear. So the business that our neighbors have is that they have
all of this really expensive gold jewerly that they rent out to people
to take pictures in. So that night of my despedida they put this huge
pure gold necklace on me for pictures. It was super cool. Im going to
try and send you guys some pictures.

So when we got to Carti, Hna C. was here waiting for us. She was my
second comp in Panama remember? Shes been out here on Carti since she
left Colon in December after being my comp. She was P.'s comp here
last change. Shes going home this Friday so shes been on the island
with us still in a trio this past week. Since I knew her from before
and I obviously knew Patrick, we all had a lot of fun together. We
laughed a lot. She left to go to the city yesterday though so now we
are in a normal companionship again.

P. and I are going to kick butt together. Its hard because this
island is pretty stressful, but since we have a really solid
friendship to work off of, we are going to be able to handle it and
even have a lot of success, we know it! We are excited for what is to
come and anxious to start off our first full week of work here.

Thats about all thats been happening here! I hope you all have a great
week this coming week! Love and miss you all!

Hna Anderson

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