Sunday, July 5, 2015

Week #42 in Panama!

Hi everyone!
So this has been quite the week for me. I had VERY unexpected changes.
They are also very bittersweet. I was actually changed out of my
island. Since we have VERY few hermanas in the mission right now, a
lot of hermana areas have been changed to elders or closed entirely,
and unfortunately, my island was one that got changed to elders this
past week. So that was very hard news for me to hear, especially
because I LOVE my island and I absolutely love the people there. So
the sweet part of the news was the my new comp would be Hna P.,
one of my comps from the MTC and one of my best friends in the
mission. That was good news. However, it also meant that I would be
getting changed to go work on her island with her. So Im still in San
Blas, but Im now going to be working on Carti Tupile, which if you all
remember, is the island where I had to wash my hair in the rain water
because they have no water. But Ive been reassured that there is now
running water on the island because the pipe system has been fixed. So
that was really good to hear. Its going to be a very big change from
Ustupu as far as the living circumstances and the people and the
branch, but I know that this is the Lords will and that Hna P.
and I are going to work hard to really make some much needed changes
on that island. I feel a lot better about it now than I did when I had
first heard changes. I know that it is going to be good. Hna P.
and I are actually on Ustupu right now still, because we are showing
the new elders around and teaching them the area. That hasnt been the
easiest thing for me to do, because Im very protective of this area
and the people here, but I really do trust these elders and I know
they are going to do a good job here. I didnt realize how much of my
heart I had given to these people until I was told that I had to leave
and not come back. Its really breaking my heart and is the hardest
thing Ive had to do on my mission up to this point, but I know that
they will be in good hands and that the Lord has other things for us
to do in Carti Tupile. I know that these people will all continue to
progress and grow in the gospel here, with the help of the elders. We
are now the only two hermanas left on San Blas because the two other
islands that had hermanas have now been switched to elders so thats
pretty cool that we are the last ones. Anyway, thats whats been
happening this past week! Its been pretty crazy but I know in my heart
that everything has its purpose and that all will be well! I love you
all so much and I hope you have a great week!!
Hna Anderson

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