Sunday, July 5, 2015

Week #44 in Panama!

Hey! I ran out of time, but this week was a full an eventful week so
I'll just share a few things that we did!
-There wasnt water on the island because there wasnt enough pressure
in the pipes to get it to the houses, so some men opened the pipe and
gave ten buckets of water to everyone, which was great, except they
made us go last because they think we have too much money as it is as
gringas hahaa it was really funny. So we just jumped in and helped
them fill everyone elses buckets until we were the last ones there and
THEN we got our water hahaa good times on the island. ULTIMAS! =)
-We took a member to a lesson with us and she clipped her toenails the
whole time. It was so funny. I love kunas.
-We found chocolate muffins and coke on the island again, yummy!
-We had a really cool family home evening with the branch president
and a ton of jovenes that was lots of fun.
-We had to sit for an hour by our water tank and fill it up with a
hose that had water coming out of it very slowly. Water problems. But
now we will have water for so long because the tank is full! woohoo!
-We had 70 people in church yesterday which is A LOT for this island,
and our two investigators with fechas both came. It was great.

That about sums up our week. It was a good one. I hope you all had an
awesome week last week and that this next one is even better! Love and
miss you all tons!

Hna Anderson

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