Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week #26 in Panama!

Hi all!! 
So right now all of Panama is having a big party called the carnavales. Everyone has been telling me about it since I got to Panama and I thought it sounded like a fun time because I thought it was carnival. Nope. It means party of the devil. Haha oops. Super bad. But thank goodness everyone leaves colon and goes to the city to party so our area is super tranquilla right now. 

Anyway, this week was good. My hija is still getting adjusted to everything. Its so stinkin hard starting the mission!! I was in her shoes 6 months ago, and I remember it so clearly. Its not easy, but shes doing well and learning quickly. She completes one month in the mission on Friday so we are going to do something to celebrate. 

We are still floating a little right now trying to find investigators who will progress. We did find a few last week, but none of them came to church yesterday. To be fair, none of them were in town because of the carnavales, we are assuming anyway. But we are going to keep working with them and pray that theyll be able to come next week so they can start progressing! I would say the most frustrating times in the mission for me are when we dont have progressing investigators. Its super easy to get discouraged, but we have to fight that because a successful missionary doesnt get discouraged! This week my goal is to have more animo, because I know it makes all the difference. 

So my hija was having a really hard time on Saturday, and I was kind of bummed to missing home a little more than usual, so we decided to do a FHE with a member family and make the theme the love of Christ since it was love day and all =) I made a cake and we also watched the documentary movie of Thomas S. Monson. It was fun. 

I know I had more to tell you guys but now I cant remember. That always happens to me when I write. We found a lady last week whos a single mom of 5. Shes really great. We only had one lesson with her, but she was really positive and we are excited to teach her again this week.

Okay I think thats about it! It was kind of a slow week. I should have more to share next week! Love and miss you all tons and I hope you have a great week! Also, mom and dad, a lady in our ward added you guys on FB last night. You should accept her because she posts pictures of the missionaries sometimes!

Hna Anderson

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