Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week #27 in Panama!

Hi all!!

I hope everyone is doing well! And staying warm for those of you in the Midwest. Funny thing, everyone here thinks it snows everywhere in the states all the time because they always show on the news the snow in new york so they think its like that everywhere. They have a hard time understanding how big the states really is because Panama is so tiny. 

This week was a really great week. We did a lot of finding and found some really positive people! Theres still so much work to be done in this area and I honestly think I could stay here my entire mission and never run out of things to do. That wont happen, obviously, but I could totally do it. I love my Colon and I love my Nuevo Mejico ward. These people are my family, its going to be hard to leave them when the time comes!!

So we had 2 investigators at church yesterday which is really great! One of them had told us she was going, so we planned on (and hoped for) her, but we passed for another one and found that she was already up and getting ready to go! It was great and such a miracle. She told the sunday school teacher that she actually woke up with a really bad stomach ache at about 9, but then it went away but she was up when she normally sleeps till 11 so shes like well now I can go to church! Its great. She still has a ways to go in progression, but shes really special and we know she will accept this gospel one day! Shes only a year older than me, so we connect well. I love her! Her name is E.

So on Wednesday we went to Panama to hear Elder Duncan of the 70 speak. It was AMAZING!! You guys, you know how I very rarely get emotional when I feel the spirit, but I cried like three different times at this meeting. It was so incredible. He taught us something that changed my entire outlook on the work. He taught us to start thinking about the future. He told us how every single person we teach has the potential to become OUR convert, whether it be in 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years. It doesnt matter if you physically baptize them, they are still YOUR convert because you helping them come closer to accepting this gospel. I LOVED that and it really made me have so much more animo for the work (I dont know the word for animo in english sorry). He also talked about the converts of our converts being our converts as well, because thats the way the Lord will look at it. It was really amazing. This week has been so great and my hija and I continue to work hard! 

I love you all very much and hope you have a fantastic week!

Hna Anderson

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