Thursday, March 19, 2015

Week #30 in Panama!

Hi all! 

This week was an interesting week for us. Yesterday, especially. First Ill start out with a little bit of gross news. I have another infection, like the ones on my leg, except this one is in my armpit. Ive had it for about a week and have been treating it with the medicine I already had, but it didnt go away and just got worse, to the point where my whole arm hurt. So I went to the doctor this morning and the lady poked a needle in my already VERY painful infection to make it explode. It was terrible. But it worked, I think and Im taking an antibiotic so it should hopefully go away. Its about as round as a quarter and about half an inch tall. Super gross. and guess what else? I keep getting this from shaving. So I cant shave for the rest of my mission, unless I want to keep getting these. So Ill be using Nair for the next 9 months. Super fun! Stinkin Panama haha

So yesterday was quite the day. We went to go get an investigator in the morning before church. V. I dont know if I told you guys about her. Shes 88 and really sweet. But we went to go get her and as we were leaving the house, waiting at the fence is the same jehovas witness lady from last time. The first thing she said was, "Oh hna V., youve changed congregations?" and then shes like no im just going to do a visit. and the lady said to my comp, shes so confused, I understand for her age. We didnt say anything, just kept walking to the street and the lady started saying to V., "I was once confused just like you! But I need you to be honest, are you going to keep listening to these muchachas or to me? You have to decide." Poor V. didnt know what to say. It was really awkward. But then the Lord blessed us with a way out! haha I looked up and there was a taxi turning around at the end of the street so I flagged it down and we started to get in as the lady told V. that she wouldnt be coming by anymore. Super rude. It was soooo awkward, but the good thing was that V. came to church! =) Also, yesterday we were given mondongo, which is apparently something super nasty that people have been telling me not to eat since I was in the CCM. But one thing Ive learned on my mission is that theres ALWAYS a way to get out of eating something. So we threw it out the window and a dog ate it. Hahaa it was my comps first experience throwing out food so she thought it was so funny. It was, too.

We found a really positive couple to teach this week. M. and G. They are really great and we are excited to teach them again. We are still working with M., but she still has yet to come to church and she will only let us come teach her once a week which makes it tough to get her to keep up on her commitments, but we are going to try again this week to see if we can get a second cita in with her. We have really positive investigators, we just have to get them to church, like always! 

Im anxious to hear changes either tonight or tomorrow. Pretty nervous. Id like a change, but I feel like I might have another 6 weeks here, which would be tough but Id make the best of it! We will see what happens and Ill let you all know next week! Love and miss you all!

Hna Anderson

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