Sunday, March 8, 2015

Week #28 in Panama!


Another week gone. It was quite the week too. We had some interesting experiences. So first of all, there was a bird in my house this morning. I dont like birds. I didnt like this bird being in my house. They give me the heeby jeebies worse that bugs or mice, I dont know why. I screamed and the thing freaked out. My comp chased it out. It was a traumatic experience for me. hahaa. 

On Thursday we were teaching a lesson with a member. We were teaching two sisters. One of them is pregnant and about to have her baby so she was sitting in a chair and the other was standing next to her. As we were teaching the one standing up all of a sudden stepped closer to her sister and put her hands on her shoulders and looked outside with a face of complete fear. We tried talking to her and she wouldnt move or respond and then she started to have a seizure. It was so scary! We just held her as she seized so she wouldnt fall on the ground. It was super scary for us, but her sister was just sitting there totally normal waiting for her to stop seizing. apparently she has epilepsy and gets these all the time. It was the first time Ive seen someone have a seizure though so it freaked me out. so that was that.

Ive been a little frustrated with my area this week. I think Im just ready for a change. Im hoping and praying that the Lord feels the same way. None of our investigators came to church yesterday, which is always a bummer, and we dont really have many who are progressing steadily. Right now a big problem is that we are working a lot in only one of the five parts of our area. So this week we are going to try and go into the other parts and see if we can find new people. If I do leave in 2 weeks at changes, I want to make sure i leave my comp with plenty of positive people to teach, and if I dont leave then we will have those same people to work with next change. This work is hard! Its great and so worth it, but man it really tests you in every aspect imaginable. We are going to have a good week this week though, I know it! I hope you all have a good week, too, and that youre all doing great! 

Ohhhh also, guess what? My ccm comps, h. and p. got news this week that they have mid change changes and are going to be comps on the islands! Im super excited for them, they are going to have so much fun and success together out there!! Im a little sad because Id love to be out there with them too, but I know the Lord has other things in store for me. 

I love and miss you all so much!!!

Hna Anderson

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