Thursday, March 19, 2015

Week #30.5 in Panama!


Sooo my mid week email means that I got some big news yesterday. Im off to SAN BLAS!!! I will be living on an island for the next few months. Im soooo excited. Im also going to be sister training leader out there. My comp is Hna M., a gringa from Florida. Shes super cool and is finishing her mission not this change, but the next change so Ill more than likely <send> her <home>. Itll be great. I wanted to go and felt like I would, but I wasnt sure when, but I was super excited to hear that I would be going this change! My island is Ustupu. We do a lot of prep and buying things we will need beforehand so I wont actually be on the island until Friday. We went food shopping today and got A TON of really good food. We went to pricemart to stock up because for blas they buy a ton of food at the beginning of the change to last the entire 6 weeks since we dont come back into the city during the change. Super funny because Ill be eating a lot more american food on blas than I ate in Colon haha. It was sad to say goodbye to my family in Colon, but it was time! P. and H. are out there, like I told you guys, which Im super excited about because as STLs we will do divisions with them so thatll be really cool and lots of fun. So a couple of fun facts, I will be sleeping in a hammock my entire time out there. They dont have beds. I will be showering with bottled water. all the time. I will wear flip flops all the time because its like the beach with sand everywhere, from what Ive been told. And also I will be learning my third language. They speak an indian dialect out there, Kuna. So I will be doing my best to learn it! They speak spanish as well, but it will help the work a lot to learn kuna. Anyway, thats about all I have time to share right now, but know that I am SUPER excited and this change is VERY inspired!! I will share the story of how it all came about and how I know that this is truly what the Lord wants some day with you all =) Sometimes the computers are slow or have problems out there, so if I dont write one monday or something like that, dont worry, Ill probably write on Tuesday or as soon as I can. But that shouldnt be a problem, I should always be able to write on monday. LOVE YOU ALL and I hope you all are doing great!!!

Hna Anderson

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