Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week #45 in Panama!


It has been an interesting week. So a big group of gringos came to the
island and have been here for about a week. They are doing some sort
of service project thing so they have been here just hanging out. Its
super weird and kinda has made Patrick and I not want to go back to
the states just yet. They use lots of words that burn our ears a
little after having heard only Spanish for a year haha. But Its been
fun and the people who they are staying with are our friends so they
have been giving us their American food a lot which has been GREAT. We
had REAL hamburgers this week from a COW! It was so amazing. Best
thing Ive eaten in a really long time. That was about it for this
week, everything else was pretty normal. We slept in the house of
congreso last night. That probably doesn't make any sense to you guys,
but it was super cool haha. Congreso is kinda like a church for them,
for the kuna culture. The sylas sit in their hammocks in this huge
house and sing in kuna while everyone sits around and listens. Kinda
boring actually haha, but cool for the culture aspect. Anyway, we
ended up sleeping there last night because of a big old long story
that Ill share with you all some day when I have more time haha. But
yeah, that was our week! Another week on Blas. I hope you guys all
have a great week this week! I love and miss you all tons!
Hna Anderson

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