Saturday, December 19, 2015

Week #65 in Panama!

Soo Angel and Abigail put their wedding date at the Tribunal on Friday! They are going to get married on December 2nd and baptized that same day. We are so excited!! only just a over a week left and they will finally be members! We took them to the temple last night so they could see it in person before getting baptized. They loved it. We were the only ones out there last night so it was soo quiet. It was perfect! We taught them a lesson on the benches in front of the temple about the Priesthood which was also really great. Angeli, their little girl, loved it as well! It was so perfect for them to be able to go there.

Roberto is still MIA, which is sad. But we know that eventually he will come back, which just dont know when. But we will continue to pass by his house to see if he has returned yet. 

Its changes week this week again! I cant believe how fast that went. Its gotten faster and faster every change. We are really anxious to find out what is going to happen. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you all on Thursday!! I hope its a great one for everyone and that you all eat A LOT of good Thanksgivingy food for me. I love you all!!!

Hna Anderson

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