Saturday, December 19, 2015

Week #63 in Panama!

Hi all,

Well we are no longer in a trio =(. They found a mini missionary for Hna Garcia so she wont be finishing the change out with us like we thought. It was sooo much fun having her with us though! We laughed a lot. We were sad to see her good, but at the same time we knew it would be much better that way for our areas. She went with her mini on Saturday night. Hna McCormick and I did a very thorough weekly planning yesterday and have a very busy week ahead of us, but its going to be great. We are really excited to be able to focus 100% on our area. 

Roberto came to church yesterday and is still progressing. We had planned on him getting baptized this saturday, the 14th, but we decided to move it to next saturday because we still have quite a bit left to teach him and we dont want to rush it. We both feel a lot better about having it that day. We are excited for that day to come!

Next week we should be finishing the papers for Angel and Abigail to be able to get married so they can finally get baptized! We are praying that they will have time slots available for the ceremony before I have to go home! We have heard that in some other parts of the country they are having to set dates in January already, so we are really praying that that isnt the case here! Prayers for that please!

Today the whole mission was invited to Panama to see a movie called freetown and President Carmack put on for us. They set a goal for us to get 2400 new investigators in 4 weeks as a mission and we did is so we got to watch the movie. It was a really cool movie. You guys should watch it! It was a little too thrilling for us though, too much stimulation for people who havent seen movies in over a year hahaa. It was fun though. 

Well I hope you all have a great week this week!! Love you and miss you all!!

Hna Anderson

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