Thursday, May 7, 2015

Week #32 in Panama!


I hope you all had a great week, Easter, and conference weekend! I sure did! 

So we got back from all of our traveling on Thursday. We were SOO happy to be back on our own island. We have to travel again on Wednesday for Zone Conference, but its only about a 2 hour boat ride, so not too terrible. We decided that our island is hands down the best haha. We definitely have the best living standards! Traveling definitely made us super grateful for Ustupu.

My birthday was a good day. I woke up to little children bringing balloons into the house that my comp was outside blowing up for them to take in. It was super cute and really sweet. She also wrote me a cute birthday card and gave me a super pretty mola, like the one I sent home to you guys, but a lot more detailed since she bought it here on the island. Then that night after we got home, she walked over to the neighbors house next door and sent the kids to me to call me over and when I got there they had surprised me with brownies and sang happy birthday. It was really great and a perfect mission birthday. Mom told me that Taesons birthday was great too! I love sharing a birthday with him!

Saturday was an interesting day. The internet company was supposed to speed up the internet for all of the islands this weekend so that everyone could watch it, but they forgot, so we werent able to show conference on Saturday or see it, which was a bummer and a bit frustrating for me. My comp was a lot more patient with it haha. But then yesterday, we got to the chapel two hours early to make sure everything was good to go and it was. The internet had been sped up and everything was good to go. So we were able to watch both sessions. We did watch them in Spanish, which was fine, but we downloaded the Saturday sessions in english yesterday in between the two sessions so we could hear them in English. Even though we understand it in Spanish, its a lot more powerful for us in our own language. Today we are downloading the sunday sessions in english to hear them again. We were also able to download saturdays sessions in Spanish and KUNA for the members here to watch this week, so they dont have to miss those messages. This is the first year that they are available in Dule Gaya (Kuna) and the people who recorded it our from our islands out here. It was super cool to play them back and hear their voices. 

Conference was amazing this year, as always. Did you all notice how much they talked about Adam and Eve and the creation? Super cool. Also, did you hear that Kim B. Clark, BYUI president got called to the 70? Will that mean the school will be getting a new president? Also, does anyone know why President Monson only spoke once? We are assuming its for his health, but werent sure. I loved the Saturday afternoon session, the only one Ive seen so far in English. The sunday sessions were amazing, too, and Im really excited to hear them in English. I loved David A Bednars talk on Fear and how Godly fear dispells all other fear. I learned SOO much about doctrine and the importance of only seeking Gods approval from Elder Christoffersons talk. Elder Wilford W Andersens talk was amazing. I loved the music analogies. It was so perfect and made a lot of sense to me. I also really really loved Elder Hollands talk. They were all soo amazing and I hope you all will have the opportunity to listen to them all again and again because theres so much to be learned from Conference. Its an incredible opportunity we have to hear directly from the Lord through His prophet and apostles. Conference is really something Ive come to cherish.

I love and miss you all so much and hope you have a fantastic week!

Hna Anderson

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