Saturday, May 30, 2015

Week #33 in Panama!

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great week.

So Ill give you an overview of what I can remember of this last week.
Its seriously soo good that I keep a journal because I forget what
happened so quickly!

We started out with a pretty normal week. Well for Tuesday haha. We
had a normal work day that day and then on Wednesday we left at 5 in
the morning to go to another island for zone meeting. I swear Ive
spent half this change on a boat. But we arent planning on doing any
more traveling until may so thatll be great! So since we are the
farthest island we got on first and then stopped at all of the islands
along the way picking up missionaries. it was pretty fun haha. So we
had zone meeting and then werent able to travel the next day like we
had planned, (if you wanna know why ask whit haha), so we didnt get
back to our island until Friday. We were glad to get back though.

So on Saturday we had a very busy and very full work day.We had citas
with new investigators, menos activos, and investigators that we have
been working with so we were really busy. It was great! We worked like
that every day in the city, so with all of the traveling since ive
been out here ive really missed working like that!

Yesterday was a full and busy day too. Church went REALLY well. We had
fast and testimony meeting and I wasnt sure what to expect but it was
great. SO many people got up and shared their testimonies, it was
awesome. Then afterwards we were able to have ALL of the classes.
Sunday school, RS, primary, priesthood, YW. The only one we had to
teach was RS but we were happy to do it because its been so long since
theyve had it since the president has been in the city. This branch is
incredible to be doing what they are doing. Im so blessed to be
serving here. Then after church and lunch, we went out to work and
were able to have some really good lessons. At one point, towards the
end of the day, we were walking by this really nice house, it had
windows and everything, and I commented on how nice it was and then my
comp asked if we should contact it. So we did and we found R. R. is
75 year old man who is actually a member of the church. He was
baptized in the city in the early 90s but because of health reasons
and other things, hes never attended church here on the island or even
talked to missionaries. He kept asking how we knew to come to his
house because hes been praying for a way to get back into the church.
It was an amazing miracle and we are really excited to help him find
his way back.

Well that was about it this week. Im looking forward to this coming
week because we will have our first full week on our island! We are
also expecting to have 2 to 4 baptisms this Saturday, which will be
great! It should be a really good week for us. I hope you all have a
great week this week too! I love and miss you all tons!! Ill try to
send some pics, but if I cant Im sorry!

Hna Anderson

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