Saturday, May 30, 2015

Week #37 in Panama!


I absolutely loved being able to see and talk to everyone yesterday.
Click HERE for Skype video!  It was wonderful, and like Corson, it gave me a boost of energy to
work harder than ever this next part of my mission!! You all seem to
be doing so well, and Im so glad to see that. I loved hearing from the
family in IL as well! Such a special surprise!

This past week was a really good one for us. Our golden family, the
familia M. (D. and her daughters) continue to progress!!
This past week we placed a baptisimal fecha with them for June 6th. It
worked out perfectly because when we invited them to be baptized we
actually asked them for May 23rd since they have received all of the
lessons and havent missed a sunday going to church in over a month.
But D. told us that she still wants to be baptized in Panama
because her daughter who is a member lives in Panama and she wants her
to be there. She has told us this before and the last time she told us
that she said  she wouldnt have vacations from work to be able to go
again until January. But then this time she told us that she actually
has vacation along with her daughters, the first week in June. Its
perfect because since my comp is going home on June 11th, we had
already planned on going into the city on the 6th so she could go say
bye to all of her areas. So we got really excited when we realized how
perfect it was and told her and she got really excited, too, so they
all accepted the fecha for June 6th to be baptized in Panama. So we
are visiting them 2-3 times a week from now until then to make sure
they continue to progress towards that day. Its sooo great. They have
been so prepared. I cant wait to read you guys my journal entries from
after our lessons with her. Every lesson is so powerful and the spirit
is always so strong.

Thats the news I had to share with you guys from this past week! I
hope you all have a fantastic week!! I love and miss you all tons!!

Herm. Anderson

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