Saturday, May 30, 2015

Week #34 in Panama!


So we had an AWESOME week last week. It was exhausting, but in the
most wonderful way. So It was our first full week in our área of the
entire change, and we took advantage of that. We worked hard all day
every day and found 12 new investigators and a ton of menos activos!
We also saw four baptisms on Saturday, one who was a Little girl whos
grown up in the church and just turned 8 and the other three were
convert baptisms. The baptisms were absolutley beautiful on the beach.
I hope I can send pictures so you guys can see! It was amazing. The
three convert baptisms were a child and two cousins of a menos activo
couple. They had just began teaching them right before I got here.
They are soo cute and so excited about the góspel! We are also working
on reactivating the entire family, which is great. So we were
preparing for the baptisms all week because the baptismal clothes we
had all had rust stains on them so after scrubbing and bleaching them
for two hours we realized we wouldnt be able to get them out. So we
asked our ZLs if we could cut the stains out and patch the holes with
White material. They said that would be fine so we spent a lot of time
sewing on patches at night after we got home from working. It was
pretty fun actually, I enjoy sewing. Then right after the baptisms we
had to immediately come home and wash all of the clothes again so they
wouldnt get ruined from the ocean wáter. We have to take care of a lot
more of the minor details out here haha. So that was all really cool.

Our other family of four who are Golden investigators continue to
progress. We taught them the plan of salvation on Friday night and had
a really awesome lesson with them. The mom had sooo many questions and
they were really good questions. There were a few that my comp and I
had to look up after the lesson because we didnt even know! Shes great
though and right now the only thing holding her back, she says, is
that she wants her daughter who lives in Panama to be here for their
baptisms. The last time she told us that, though, was a couple of
weeks ago so when we teach her again on Thursday we are going to ask
about that again. We are thinking that once her understanding of the
real purpose and importance of baptism grows, she wont want to put it
off, because the next time her daughter would be able to come out
would be in January and thats a really long time to wait. Prayers
would be appreciated for her and her family!

Those are the big points that I wanted to share with you guys from
this week. OH also, we had 68 people at church yesterday! Thats like
unheard of on Blas. It was great!!

I hope you all have a great week!! I love and miss you all lots!

Hna Anderson

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