Saturday, May 30, 2015

Week #39 in Panama!

Hi all! So we had a really interesting week this past week because we
spent the entire week outside of our island. First, on Tuesday and
Wednesday we were in the island of Nargana for Zone Conference.
President Carmack came and we watched Meet the Mormons as a Zone. It
was so fun and I LOVED the movie. I really want to own it when I get
home. It was great. I cried when they were taking the son to the
airport to leave on his mission haha. Brought back a lot of memories!!
Not something you could pay me to ever do again haha. After Zone
Conference, we went to Carti Tupile, which is the only other island
out here with hermanas on it. Hna P. and Hna C. are the
missionaries on that island, which was fun because now all of the hnas
on Blas have been my comp at one point during the mission haha. Being
on Carti was really fun, mostly because Hna. P. and I always have a
good time together. Shes the best. Her and Hna H. and I have become
SO close since the MTC. They are such a wonderful blessing to me! We
also really started to appreciate our island more after being on
Carti. They rarely have water. Like any water at all. We showered the
first day we were there, on Thursday, but then the water ran out and
never came back so we didnt shower again until we got home on
Saturday. I was losing my mind. I like to be clean, I dont know if you
guys knew that about me. So on Friday it started to rain really hard
and Im like guys get me some shampoo quick Im going to wash my hair.
Then I actually found a rain gutter coming off the church building
that was putting out a ton of water so I washed my hair in that. It
was great. The rain only lasted long enough for me to get done washing
it, so I know the Lord was helping me out a bit there! =) Ill send you
guys pics when we get back in the city. We also ran into 3 gringos
there, two women and a man. One of the women came right up to us and
was like Hi! I served my mission on this island 10 years ago. So that
was really cool. She shared a lot of her mission stories with us. It
was really fun to hear about what it was like on the island 10 years
ago. She was really cool. We gave her our parents numbers to text you
guys a picture of us, but she wasnt getting signal on the island so
she said shed try when she gets back to panama. Hopefully you guys get
it. Thats about it for this past week. I now love my island more than
ever, we live REALLY well here, especially compared to other
missionaries. So blessed to be on Ustupu! I love you all so much and I
hope you have a fantastic week!!

Hna Anderson

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