Saturday, May 30, 2015

Week #36 in Panama!


Im soo excited for Sunday to get here! I cant believe its already time
for our second skype call. So exciting!

I dont have any stories as cool as eating puma meat for this past week
haha. However, yesterday my comp threw up haha. gross, right? I lead
the music for sacrament meeting (Ive actually done that a lot over the
course of my mission but still have never learned how to actually do
it so I just wave my hand around) and when I sat down after the
sacrament hymn she told me she was going to puke and that we needed to
go. So after they got done passing the sacrament we bailed and she
puked at the house. But now shes all better haha so now worries. It
was because she took a pain pill on an empty stomach. But thats about
as exciting as this week got for us.

However our investigator D. is continuing to progress, slowly but
surely. We taught her the word of wisdom this week and also the law of
chastity. She understood both very well and accepted them without
problem. The only problem with the word of wisdom is that the kunas
have a tradition of drinking chicha fuerte. I cant remember if Ive
already told you guys about this or not. But chicha fuerte means
strong juice and its juice that they put underground until it ferments
and then they drink it on special occasions, like when a girl gets her
period for the first time. Its a real problem for investigators and
even members here because its a tradition that theyve known all their
lives. So thats a challenge with D., but we are praying that she
will be able to understand it. But the cool thing was that after we
went back for our second lesson with her this week after we taught her
the first one which was the Word of wisdom, she told us that she told
her husband that she wouldnt be making him coffee anymore because it
was bad for him and also because she has to try it to know how much
sugar to add to it and she doesnt want to do that anymore. So thats
awesome. And then she said she made this crema, which is like a thick
cream drink, and her husband loved it so much that he told her if she
keeps making that he wont want to drink coffee either. Its awesome.
For our lesson with them this tuesday her husband finally said he
would join us too so we are so excited about that! They are the best.

Thats about it for this past week. Cant wait to skype on Sunday!! I
love and miss you all lots!!

Also one more thing. Has anyone sent any letters to me within the last
3 or 4 months? Because the mail changes hands a lot coming out to the
island and we got our mail last week and I got corsons package that he
sent, but no other mail so I wanted to make sure I wasnt missing

I hope you all have a great week!

Herm. Anderson

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