Saturday, May 30, 2015

Week #35 in Panama!

I hope everyone had a great week last week! Ours was a Little tough as far as the work is concerned. A ton of our citas fell pretty much every day this week which is always a bit of a downer. But on the brightside it allowed us the opportunity to do a lot of contacting and find a lot of new people to teach!

Okay now ill get to story time. So on Saturday night we were feeling kinda down because a lot of our citas were falling that day, so we stopped at a Little tienda to buy some bread. we ended up sitting down on the curb outside of the tienda window and the Little kuna ladies came and talked to us. they were so funny. kunas are seriously the best. i love them. so after a while they felt bad for us and also gave us mango haha so we were enjoying a Little bread and mango. then a guy from the family who we had our next cita with passed by and told as that the whole family was home for us to teach. then he said something in kuna to the ladies and desio, a member from our branch was passing by too and told us that that guy just told the ladies that someone in his family killed a tigre in the monte! tigre not really meaning tiger, but just some kind of big cat, and monte is the mountain where they all go to hunt their food. they have to ride in kayaks to get over there. so we got really excited and basically ran to their house to see. So we get there and the first thing we see are big cat paws and legs. then they showed us the face and tail. apparently the 21 year old kid who shot it was out their by himself and since it was so heavy he could only bring back the legs, head and tail and had to go back the next day for the body. they were all so excited, corson you wouldve loved it. they were all skinning it and cleaning it and the dad was sooo proud. i took a video of the kid telling the story of how he killed it corson so you can see it when you get home. it ended up being a puma. so they told us that they were using the bones and skin to sell for kuna medicine and throwing the meat out. so ive got to tell you that my comp has wanted to eat tigre meat the whole time shes been out here but hadnt yet so when she Heard they were just going to throw the meat out she asked if we could have it. they happily gave it to us. so we went to the tienda to get seasonings and then went home and cooked it up. then we ate it. hahaa we are true mountain women now. it was very tough meat haha which we expected and it made us gag a Little the first bite because we remembered that we were eating puma haha but it was lots of fun. then the next day after church our neighbors brought us shark. i really liked the shark. it tasted like chicken. the puma didnt really have a lot of flavor, but it smelled exactly like hamburger when it was cooking. so thats what we ate this weekend. Insane right? definitely something ill never forget haha. Im trying to send pics now! hopefully they load! I hope you all have a great week. I love and miss you all!

hna anderson

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