Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week #46 in Panama!

So guess what? We are in the CITY!! And I cant tell you all how happy I am to be here haha. This past week has been a bit of a rough one. Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty normal days on the island, but on Thursday I started feeling really sick. I was super nauseous (I have no idea how to spell that word) and I was having to go to the bathroom constantly throughout the day. I just felt yucky. So we called the mission nurses and they told us to go to the centro de salud out there. So we did and I literally had to stop walking every five steps and sit down in the dirt because I was so weak that I thought I was for sure going to pass out if I didnt rest. The centro is on a neighboring island so we had to take a five minute boat ride to get over there. Boats and sickness dont blend. So I felt worse when I got there and then the doctor just sent me on my way with a couple pills and some pedialyte. So we went back to our island and I just laid down all day and sweat because it was so stinkin hot that day. I ate some ramen eventually, but I really had no appetite at all. I eventually got a fever and one thing led to another and here we are! The nurses just wanted me to get to a legit city doctor here, so the next morning we headed to the city. And I told President that I didnt think I could go back to the islands, so he and the doctor and the mission nurses agreed that we probably shouldnt go back out. So since changes arent until next week, we are staying with the hermanas here in Cardenas in the city until we get our new areas at changes. I am very happy to be here, and even though I loved my blas experience and everything that I learned out there, I definitely reached the point this past week when I was ready to come back to civilization. Im feeling MUCH better, still not 100%, but Im getting there! Heavenly Father definitely was watching over me. So thats been the craziness of this week. I hope you all had a little less crazy of a week, but a good one too! I love and miss you all lots! Have a great week!
Hrm. Anderson

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