Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week #48 in Panama!

Hi everyone!

So this past week has been a really good one for me. So on Tuesday morning we got the call with changes. They did end up closing our island to hermanas and putting in Elders, so we officially closed San Blas to hermanas. Its sad, but it was necessary. Im sure it will reopen to hermanas soon. So Hermana Patrick got sent to Colon, which she wanted soo bad and I wanted for her too because I LOVED colon and I wanted her to get to experience it. She actually got sent to the area that borders my old area, which is really cool. I got sent to La Chorrera as Sister Training Leader. I was really happy because I wanted to experience what itd be like to be STL because Ive had such good STLs in my mission and I wanted to be able to do the same for other hermanas that mine did for me. And I had only heard really great things about Chorrera so I was really excited about coming here. So I got here on Wednesday and met my comp. She has ten months in the mission and is serisously the best. She is sooo chill and soo focused on the work. I love it. She is really really obedient. I am very happy to have been put with her. 
So this ward, Barrio 1, used to have the two sisters and a pair of elders too. Well this change they took out the elders so we now have the whole area and its HUGE. I think it stresses my comp out, but I came from a tiny island that you could cross in less than five minutes so to me, huge is great. Shes excited to work in the elders area, though, so it will be good. The members here are amazing and the ward is soooo organized and ran so well. A big difference from the islands. The bishop actually had me go up and bear my testimony in sacrament meeting yesterday. That was really cool. I know I am just going to love the people here so much as soon as I get to know all of them. 
We have a ward mission leader! Its the best, Ive missed having one. And hes on fire! He is 23 and his wife is 22. They just moved to the ward about a month ago and they are both returned missionaries and love being a part of the work so they are SO helpful and so animated. They are always willing to do visits with us. Yesterday we went on vists with our WML and he was telling us how he wants to continue his schooling at BYU-I and he and his wife have already learned English and everything. He said hes already finished all the paperwork and he just has to take an SAT or something like that and they will be good to go to move to Rexburg! They want to move there in January. I think that is so cool! Ill probably be up there when they are up there too! My little piece of panama in Rexburg. Itll be great. 
So thats whats been going on here. I am VERY happy and so excited for whatever lies ahead. I hope you all have a great week! I love and miss you all lots!
Hrm. Anderson

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