Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week #50 in Panama!

Hey all!
So I have a lot to share and very little time to do it, but here goes. So Im a brunette again haha. We may have had a little highlighting accident last monday. And I may have had a member in Panama just color my hair brown to cover it all haha. But I actually really love it and it looks a lot better than it looked even before the highlighting accident. So Im happy about that. The member was fantastic and only charged me half price even though she worked on my hair for 3 hours. So sweet of her! 
We went to the temple on Tuesday and it was amazing. I felt such a peace in the Celestial Room, I cant even descibe it. And I have felt so peaceful and SO happy ever since, which is a really huge answer to my prayers because I hadnt really been feeling like myself for a couple of months. The temple is a wonderful place, nothing can replace the experiences that you have there and the things that you feel there. Go to the temple, everyone! 
We also got to go to a BYU-I dance performance that came to Panama on Tuesday night. We had to contact 15 people in about 5 minutes to be able to go, but we did it and we went and it was awesome! I loved it, even though it may have made me slightly trunky for a moment. But then it passed. =)
We had a really good work week. Working a lot with the other hermanas in our zone and helping them out. I love doing that. Im really enjoying everything about this area. I got some REALLY great news on Saturday. I called the elders on Ustupu to get Dixanas phone number and they told me that one of me and Moss´s investigators, Yanice, got baptized on July 18th which made me SO happy! I also found out on Saturday that the Carti elders baptized one of me and Patricks investigators, Yabelis, too! She only had like one more lesson and one more church attendence to go when we left the island, so we told the elders to work with her and they did and she got baptized about a week ago! Such great news. The elders are working hard on both of my islands, which makes me so happy and brings me a lot of comfort too! ALSO. Best news of all. I talked to Dixiana on Saturday and she is doing really well. Her and the girls are still going strong in the gospel and she also told me that her oldest son was getting baptized on that same day! So he got baptized on the same day that I called her and now ALL of her children, aside from her six year old Leydi, are members (theres six kids in total). This same son of hers was at her baptism and said he was baptist. Apparently the missionaries have been teaching him ever since and he got baptized! I was on cloud 9 all day Saturday! She is going to have her eternal family! All thats left is her husband, but I KNOW he, too, will accept the gospel and they will all enter the temple together to be sealed. I cant wait for that day!
Thats what my week consisted of. Its been a great one. I hope you all have a great week this coming week. Love and miss you all!
Hrm. Anderson

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