Sunday, November 1, 2015

Week #54 in Panama!

Hi everyone!
I hope everyone had a great week last week and that you are all enjoying your labor day. Changes were really good for us because we found out that we are staying together for another change! We are super happy about that because we really work well together and have a lot of weddings and baptisms coming up, so we are hoping to see those together!
This past week we found a family that we KNOW is going to be baptized very soon. They are SO prepared and SO humble and willing to learn. Its a man, Angel, and woman, Abigail, and their three year old daughter, whos name also starts with an ¨a¨ but I dont remember it. We found them contacting in the street and taught them the Restoration on saturday. That lesson was easily the most incredible lesson I have been in my entire mission. The spirit was SO strong and my comp and I both knew that our words were not our own. It was amazing. At the end, Angel said an amazing and healtfelt prayer and right after he said amen, he said, so when can you come back again? We said whenever you guys want us to, and he said, okay tomorrow then! He is so great and Abigail is too! We teach them again on Wednesday, so we are really excited for that lesson. As we walked down the street after the lesson, my comp and I were all smiles and talked about how we could see them being sealed in the temple next year! Experiences like that make every single thing we do worth it. All it takes is one person to be prepared and to be placed in your path as a missionary, and you realize exactly WHY we do what we do every day. My testimony has definitely been strengthened of the fact that Heavenly Father knows and loves ALL of his children and is mindful of each and every one of them.
I hope you all have a great week this week! Love and miss you all lots!
P.S. General Conference is in LESS than a month! =D
Hna Anderson

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