Sunday, November 1, 2015

Week #60 in Panama!


So this past week has been incredible. My new comp is Hna McCormick. Shes from Washington DC. She has 14 months in the mish. She actually flew to Panama with us because she was in the MTC with us. But she was only there for two weeks since she knew some spanish before, which is why she has less time in the mish. Shes great though, so obedient and so excited about the work. We are going to be super successful together.

This past week we have really seen a ton of progress with Angel and Abigail. They are our golden family. There was an activity at the church on Saturday night for couples in the ward. It was like a dance. They both went and had a ton of fun and got to know so many members. It was soo great that they went. And then the both bailed on work on Sunday to be able to go to church and they LOVED it and all of the members were SO welcoming to them. Roberto also came to church along with Luis and his family. Luis is a 9 year old little boy of a menos activo family who is also our investigator. It was a great day at church for us. The members are sooo excited for the work recently and are helping us with visits and giving us references. Its amazing. We had 3 members go with us to Angel and Abigails house last night and we had a GREAT lesson. The next step with them is to get them married because they want to be baptized ASAP so the wedding will be next and then the baptism! =)

I am so incredibly happy and so excited to see everything that this change brings. I love you all and I hope you have a great week!!

Hna Anderson

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