Sunday, November 1, 2015

Week #61 in Panama!

Hi! I hope you all had a great week!

I am currently in my first trio since the MTC. Its Hna McCormick, me, and another hermana from our zone named Hna Garcia. Shes from Guatemala. Shes with us because her companion went home for health reasons and they havent been able to find her a mini missionary yet, and since the mission has 59 hermanas, theres no other trio in the mission. But we are having lots of fun and secretly hoping that she stays with us all change. =) It works out great too because I sleep in my hammock so we have the extra bed. Its a little bit more work because we are covering both our area and hers, so we do one day here, one day there and divisions with members when we can. Yesterday for church I stayed in our ward with a member and the two of them went to the Los Altos branch, which is Hna Garcias area. It worked out well except I have been battling a nasty cold and yesterday was a rough day with that. Im also not a fan of not being with my companion, especially at church haha. But it worked out because I was able to be there for our investigators that came to church and they were able to be there for hers, which is whats important. Roberto came to church, which made his 3rd assistencia. We are going to keep his fecha for the 14th of November, though, because he needs some more time with the lessons than we would normally take with investigators because he sometimes struggles remembering what we taught. But he will get there! Luisito will be getting baptized on Satuday! =D He is a little boy of a menos activo family who have reactivated and we have been teaching him so that he could be baptized and its finally happening! We are going to have a baptism on Halloween! Woohoo! Angel and Abigail didnt come to church yesterday, but Abigail called after church to let us know why, so that was good. They didnt just not go to not go at least! This is definitely going to be a BUSY change! Especially if we do end up staying in the trio. Im loving it.

Well I hope you all have a GREAT week! I love and miss you all tons!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN this saturday! I hope you all have so much fun. Halloween is THE BEST! Ill look forward to pics on Monday. =)

Hna Anderson

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